KRPBC Law Office is friendly and open to young lawyers and students in their final years of law studies and offers them the opportunity to take on an internship or apprenticeship under the guidance of a professional legal advisor and possibly find employment with our company which has been the case many a time.

Many graduates of law faculty took their legal training under the auspices of Beata Cichowska, a legal advisor, which enabled them to deepen the knowledge they acquired at the university and understand the use of the knowledge in practice thus gaining professional experience so important in the legal advisor’s work.

In KRPBC Law Office young adepts in law will find friendly atmosphere, understanding and any help and assistance they need to pursue their professional careers.

We offer internship, apprenticeship and patronage programs to law students, graduates of law studies and trainee legal advisors who are interested in the economic law, commercial law and broadly defined business.

If you are interested in the KRPBC patronage, internship or apprenticeship programs please send your CV with an application to the following email addresses: