Building regulations

  • counselling and representing clients in construction process-related matters (land use plans, zoning approvals, building permits, occupancy permits) in the area of housing, retail-office and commercial projects (shopping malls), manufacturing sites including those located in free economic zones,
  • preparing and reviewing draft agreements relating to the construction process, including construction works contracts, survey design work contracts, performance of owner’s representative services, etc.,
  • participating in the proceedings before public administration bodies in matters relating to planning of real estate development in respect of real estates which are property of State Treasury or municipal councils,
  • representing Clients in proceedings before administrative authorities, the Administrative Courts in the scope of building regulations.

Civil law

  • preparing and reviewing commercial contracts taking into account the economic aspects of the obligations contracted by Client and security of his claims,
  • preparing regulations and draft contracts tailored to Client’s business profile,
  • preparing negotiation strategies and participating in the negotiations with Client’s key accounts,
  • counselling in the area of Public Procurement Act.

The Company Law, privatisations, mergers, acquisitions

  • advice and assistance in establishing and running experimental and innovative businesses so called “start-ups”,
  • counselling in the area of formation, merger, division, transformation or liquidation of a company, preparing required documentation including legal due diligence (legal analyses of the risks associated with acquisition of a company) and taking care of the legal side of negotiations in this respect,
  • providing legal services pertaining to company bodies’ meetings, drafting relevant documents (draft resolutions of corporate bodies, minutes of meetings, agreements between the partners, acts of corporate law (charters, rules of company’s bodies and corporate governance principles),
  • counselling in the area of restructuring of companies,
  • preparing and reviewing relevant documents, regulations and agreements necessary for the public issue of securities,
  • KRS registration procedure.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

  • counselling in the area of protection of trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, patents,
  • preparing draft agreements,
  • reviewing contracts and participating in the copyright, licence and know-how transfer conditions negotiations,
  • ongoing counselling in the area of copyright, licences and other copyright law-related issues, industrial property law, patents and trademark.

Labour law

  • counselling in the area of the collective labour law including negotiations and preparation of collective labour agreements, benefits packages and other agreements with trade unions,
  • providing of services in the area of individual and mass redundancies,
  • counselling in the area of Transfer of Undertakings,
  • preparing and reviewing employee records i.e. contracts of employment including agreements with the members of the company bodies, agreements with top-skill specialists, non-circumvention agreements, training agreements, etc.,
  • preparing internal company acts governing the company personnel-related issues: work regulations, remuneration rules, bonus scheme, Company Welfare Fund (ZFŚS), terms of training, terms of use of employer vehicles, mobile phones and other fixed assets which are property of Employer,
  • advising and supervising the employment restructuring process from the legal point of view,
  • drafting managerial contracts,
  • providing legal services for overseas staff,
  • counselling in the area of temporary work, labour exchange, outsourcing services,
  • participating in negotiations with employees and legal representation in litigations before a labour court, including mobbing and discrimination claims.

Real estate law

  • counselling and representation at real estate purchase, sale, tenancy or leasing contracts conclusion including housing cooperative-built units, industrial and office facilities, shopping centres, residential buildings, mansions, setting up mortgages, establishing real easements,
  • preparing and negotiating developer agreements and contracts for the management of real estates,
  • negotiating and preparing contracts for the design and execution of works on any type of projects,
  • providing legal assistance in the area of real estate transactions,
  • determining the legal and actual status of the real estate,
  • conducting proceedings before courts keeping the land and mortgage registers to resolve or settle the factual and legal status of the real estate in the land and mortgage register,
  • counselling and representation at the transactions of real estate acquisition by foreigners.

Administrative law

  • counselling and representing Clients in obtaining necessary permits, licences and approvals,
  • legal representation before public administration authorities and local government agencies as well as administrative courts.

Fair trading

  • legal counselling in the field of antitrust law, consumer protection and fighting unfair competition in business,
  • counselling and representing entrepreneurs in the proceedings before the Office of Fair Trading (UOKIK) and antitrust court,
  • preparing non-circumvention agreements (confidentiality clauses) and other documents relating to non-disclosure of company secrets,
  • counselling in the area of advertising law.

Information security law

  • counselling in the area of personal data protection including the admissibility of personal data processing and responsibilities of the data base administrators,
  • preparing internal regulations for the protection of personal data, company secrets and classified information,
  • representing Clients in proceedings before the General Inspector of Personal Data,
  • counselling in the area of classified information.

Tax law and balance sheet law

  • ongoing counselling in the area of the current tax law and the balance sheet law,
  • representing entrepreneurs in the proceedings before the fiscal authorities and administrative courts,
  • providing legal assistance in obtaining the official interpretation of tax law.

Cooperative law

  • counselling in the area of establishing, merger, division and liquidation of cooperatives, preparing necessary documents,
  • assisting in the cooperative bodies’s meetings, drafting relevant documents (draft resolutions of the cooperative bodies, minutes of the meetings of the cooperatives bodies),
  • counselling in the area of intra-cooperative and accusatorial proceedings,
  • representing Clients in instances of appeal from the cooperative bodies’ resolutions,
  • drafting agreements in the cooperative property-related matters (contracts for the construction of residential units, single-family houses and garages, agreements on establishing title to residential premises, tenancy agreements, transformation of occupancy right to separate ownership of real property, transfer of title to the property),
  • cooperative credit recovery, legal representation in the court and enforcement proceedings,
  • KRS registration proceedings.

IT, e-commerce, Internet law

  • counselling services for IT sector companies,
  • counselling in the area of the provision of services by electronic means,electronic payment instruments, data bases, electronic signature and computer law,
  • negotiating and drafting contracts for the implementation of computer software.


  • representing Clients before common courts of law of all instances and arbitration courts as well as public administration authorities and administrative courts,
  • preparing statements of claim and other pleadings for litigations pending in the court proceedings, enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims,
  • representing Clients in the court conciliation and mediation proceedings.

Debt collection

  • preparing debt collection program to eliminate overdue receivables and improve efficacy of the current over-dues recovery,
  • debt recovery: preparing default notices and
  • running conciliatory debt repayment proceedings with a security for the repayment,
  • running enforcement proceedings with assistance of selected bailiff offices,
  • monitoring the status of enforcement proceedings and their effectiveness.

European Union Law

  • counselling in the area of the validity and application of European Union law, especially with respect to European labour law and European Union social rights, European competition law, international tax law, European Union customs system, The European Companies Law,
  • counselling in the area of the use of European Union structural funds and adjustment of production activities to requirements of the European Union law, quality standards and specific industry standards (e.g. HACCP, ISO, CE),
  • representing entrepreneurs in proceedings before the European Court of Justice.

Other activities

  • providing training for entrepreneurs’ personnel,
  • informing on changes in the legislation,
  • participating in negotiations with the entrepreneur’s business partners,
  • delivering any other unusual and complex projects going beyond the above mentioned areas of our Law Office’s operations and requiring experience and expertise in different fields of law.